Sean Martin Hingston

Name Change. Little Dancer, age Fourteen

Little Dancer, the new musical based on Degas and the creation of his iconic statue of 1888, Little Dancer, age Fourteen has been renamed: Marie, The Musical.   Marie von Goethem is the name of the young ballerina from the Paris Opera Ballet who became a favourite model of Degas.  Her face can be seen on many of his painted ballerinas.  She was the model for his famous statue and soon after it was exhibited, to scathing reviews which caused the artist to lock the statue away, Marie vanished from history,  Nobody knows what became of her.  Although, her younger sister would do on to become a revered ballerina and later a teacher at the Paris Opera Ballet.

Behind the scenery with our "Little Dancer, age fourteen" and the face of Marie von Goethem.