Sean Martin Hingston

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Difficult People

Earlier this month I shot an episode of the Hulu original series, Difficult People, a half-hour comedy from executive producer Amy Poehler. They put me up in a huge trailer on Third Avenue a block away from my teen’s school – which still didn’t impress her! Loved hanging with Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner (both of Funny or Die and Fuse TV’s Billy on the Street). I’ve ever had so much fun actually shooting scenes. I had to really listen for “Action!’ because these two are constantly riffing on any number of hilarious topics. The scenes would begin only to be taken along on a tangential riff by Julie or Billy and then brought back again. I play a prospective comedy manager, so I spent the day happily marveling at how funny and dexterous these two actors are.

Ever After has been announced for May 21st – June 30 at Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, N.J. I’m thrilled that this gorgeous show is getting a production after many years of development through first class readings and workshops. The creators Zina Goodrich and Marcie Heisler deserve their moment to shine. Kathleen Marshall directs and choreographs. The teen and I are working our way through an eye-opening anthology of the Brothers Grimm’s tales.