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January 2024

When Covid-19 hit my husband of 30 years, Brad Hurtado, and I both lost jobs. Brad’s a TV producer with 40 years experience in talk and reality TV. In definitively bad timing and after years of planning, we’d just begun the renovation of our 1881 Brooklyn townhouse. But our financial future was now uncertain.

We turned to social media, hoping a presence and following might allow us certain concessions or discounts for our build. We had no idea how successful our storytelling would be. Brad’s first video garnered 200,000 followers overnight!

Astoundingly, 30+ companies have now chosen to share in our dream by having their products placed in our renovation stories. From lighting to flooring, rugs and furniture. Even a new front door! The partnerships we forged have allowed us to complete our renovation and create our dream home resplendent with top products we’d never imagined before Covid hit.

We finally moved into our home in October 2023.

As I write we’ve amassed 1/2 million followers from all around the world on TikTok, Instagram and Youtube.


Here are a few of our favorite videos.