Sean Martin Hingston

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I haven’t been the best blogger. I was injured earlier this spring while in rehearsal for the Seattle production of “Marie” (Formerly,"Little Dancer”). We were doing final run-throughs here in NYC, the week before tech in Seattle, when I ruptured my plantaris tendon. Unfortunately, I was not able to join the rest of the cast for the Seattle production, which was a limited run. In the meantime I’ve been doing a lot of PT and rehab and working in class to strengthen my lower leg.  

I recently took part in a reading of a really interesting new musical about the making of the movie “Jaws”, called “Bruce”. Which is the name of the mechanical shark in the movie. I like this show a lot. In the same way the audiences at Wicked arrives with the whole backstory of the Wizard of Oz, the audience of Bruce has the iconic movie as a reference point. The story deftly dramatizes the behind-the-scenes events that shaped the final cut, as we know it. The show is written by the guys who wrote “Bandstand”.

Finally, for now, I have an episode of HBO’s High Maintenance coming up, for the 4th season of the hit show.