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Readings and Workshops May 2018

With Karen Ziemba, Susan Stoman, Rebecca Luker and Kyle Harris – Little Dancer

Last week I spent doing a 29 hour reading of Little Dancer,  a long-overdue musical of breathtaking beauty by Susan Stroman, Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty.  Little Dancer now has a second production planned. This time for the 5th Ave Theater in Seattle, scheduled for the spring of 2019.

Tiler Peck – Little Dancer

I am going NUTS for the new music Kate Nash (Brit alt-rock icon and star of GLOW on Showtime) is writing for the character I play in an upcoming workshop of Andy Blankenbuehler’s new show, Only Gold.  This workshop is going to be AMAZING and Kate plays a central role. Her score for Only Gold is thrilling. Rhythmically and melodically varied and fresh and her quirky lyrics add a modernity and urban specificity to the sound of the songs.

I have a huge talent crush for Ryan Steele, a standout in Newsies on Broadway.  We worked together once before on Chris Gattelli’s  In Your Arms, back in 2014. He is one of my favorite young triple threats and he has been cast as the young romantic lead, Jacque, in the Only Gold workshop.

Once again I get to partner the legendary Alessandra Ferri, prima ballerina assoluta, who played my wife in the choreographic lab we did back in 2013 and will again this summer. Acting and dancing beside Alessandra is a highlight of my career.  Here’s a moment shot as we learnt this pas des deux.  With Kate Nash singing live.

Only Gold