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Promises, Promises Opens

I’m writing from my dressing room at the Broadway Theatre during our 18th preview. The show is going great. The audiences are reacting like they’re at a rock concert. The crowds at the stage door, waiting for Kristin and Sean to emerge, require police supervision and bodyguards! I kid you not! We are all settling in to the routine of the show. While previews continue we rehearse each day for about 4hours, tweaking and tightening the show. Our first few previews ran quite long. But Rob has been really diligent about trimming the fat. He hasn’t cut any moments; just tightened transitions. We now come down about ten minutes sooner than we initially did. The way the show plays there are a few actors I don’t actually see until the curtain call. Which is an odd feeling. The brilliant Katie Finneran, who plays ‘’Marge’, I only see when we’re holding hands taking a bow. So we always have a little dance around the stage together as the curtain comes down and the stage clears. That’s what we were doing one night last week when Carol Burnett and Megan Mullally came racing onstage from the wings – raving about the show. Megan had tears in her eyes when she was talking to me. She LOVED it. So did Carol. It’s all very exciting. We open April 25th.

Rehearsals Begin!

Rehearsals for the Broadway revival of Promises, Promises are underway. We began the week with a meet and greet. So cool to go to work and see Neil Simon, there! Living legend. His book for Promises is great; makes me wish he’d write more for the musical theater. I’m playing Eichelberger, one of the Executives at Consolidated Life. I did it at City Center, Encores!, back in the mid-90s, and had a blast. As soon as the audience hears that unmistakable sound of Burt Bacharach’s 1960s pop score – the overture is nothing short of spectacular – they go crazy. This is Rob Ashford’s long-overdue Broadway directorial debut. He’s had great success on Broadway as a choreographer, and as both a director and choreographer on the West End. Bravo Rob. The show stars my darling, Kristin (our first Broadway show together after all those concerts!) Chenoweth and the incomparable Sean Hayes. Add Brooks Ashmanskas into the brew and you can imagine that rehearsal is literally a laugh a minute. Then there’s Tony Goldwyn, Dick Latessa (Last time we worked together was on The Encores! production) me old mate, Katie Finneran (Love her!). The rest of the cast are all Broadway vets and the dancing will be a real highlight. It’s going to be a very hot ticket. Here’s a pic of KC and me from Carnegie Hall.