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Promises, Promises

It was a crazed end to the year. The last week of Promises, Promises (the show closed a bona fide hit on January 2) was punctuated with a flight to L.A. to join Kristin for two New Years Eve concerts at Walt Disney Concert Hall (Google an image of this building – it is amazing.) and a turnaround to get back to New York for the final weekend of shows and celebration. After recharging the batteries in sunny Puerto Vallarta for a week with the family, I attended the premiere of Stroman’s new ballet, For the Love of Duke, at New York City Ballet (See previous post). It was a terrific night and as usual Stro’s work woke everybody in the audience up and got them laughing.

Looking forward: I am one week away from beginning a workshop of a new play by Jonathan Bernstein and Susan Misner called, Give Me Up. This is an incredibly inventive play that deals with dependency and addiction and their effects on a young family. I have been involved with this piece for a number of years, as Suzie and Jonathan have been crafting it, and I am grateful to them for including me in their process. Best of all I will be joining a group of actors that includes a bunch of old pals. At the end of this month I am going to be part of a tribute to Susan Stroman, a fundraiser for the Vineyard Theater, where her brilliant Scottsboro Boys premiered. The event will be held at the Hudson Theater, with Nathan Lane and Mathew Broderick hosting.