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Ever After Rehearsals

I have spent the last week in a room full of wonderful actors and creatives on a reading of Ever After, a musical based on the film of the same name. This is not my first reading of this piece – in fact it’s my fourth, in as many years. It’s a great show with a gorgeous score by Zina Goldrich and Marcy Heisler and as of today it is now scheduled to head to Broadway in the 2013 season. The cast for the reading is ridiculous. Ridiculous! Sierra Boggess, Matt Cavenaugh, Marin Mazzie, Roger Rees, Jessica Walters, Tony Sheldon, Jose Llana, Lewis Cleale blah blah blah!

Ever After tells the story of Danielle de Barbarac, the daughter of a Nobleman in 16th Century France, who embarks on a series of adventures, standing up to her scheming stepmother, befriending Leonardo DaVinci and winning the love of the crown prince of France. This new musical sets the record straight on the fable of Cinderella, showing how a strong-willed, independent girl can make her dreams come true without the help of fairy godmothers, talking mice, or magic pumpkins.

In June I will be doing another reading of the ‘secret musical’ (see earlier post) that I am forbidden to write about, discuss, mention or blog about. I am allowed to think about it, though. If only I could tell you who the Tony hoarding actors/creatives are amongst that company! All in good time, my friends.

Gotta add just one more thing. I’ve spent 28 years working as an actor in musicals with the odd play, film, t.v. show and many concerts rounding out the resume. I am proud to say I have never held another job. But the last 10 months in showbiz have been tough. The most barren of my career. Not having news to post on this blog has been an unhappy reality. The low ebb in the economy has meant fewer opportunities – less risk-taking, perhaps, amongst producers. Speaking with friends and neighbors I get the sense that most people underestimate the gargantuan hole our country was in after the World Financial Crisis. But, with economic growth back in the positive and growing steadily I am very hopeful for our future. I am even planning a major renovation of my home. Now we have the first sitting President to support marriage equality and I am especially hopeful for the future of my family.