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Secret Reading

Happy belated New Year! Not much to report. I just signed a confidentiality agreement for a week long reading I am doing in February. What a world! Producers and creatives are so wary of the power and reach of the internet that they feel they have to treat their new shows like illusions handed down from magician to magician. In fact the last time I signed such an agreement was in the mid 1980s when I worked at the Swagman Theater Restaurant, a Vegas-style floorshow in Melbourne, and there was a magic act on the bill:  The Amazing Bandells!  Mrs. Bandell was a tiny contortionist. Mr. B would lock her in a cage with a tiger and pull a sequined mantle over the cage. I wheeled the steps to the cage offstage, Mr. B spun the cage around until he whipped the mantle off and presto – no Mrs. B. Unbeknownst to the audience Mrs. Bandell had amazingly opened a trap door inside the cage and folded herself into the steps I took away. I would set her free backstage. Magic!

So, I can’t tell you what it is I am working on this month, except to say that it’s with some highly decorated creatives, a few brilliant actors and I really am looking forward to it!

It’s a slow month in Sean’s career but I did receive this certificate in the mail: