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Ever After

Hello from PaperMill Playhouse. It’s nice to be back here for the first time since I played Sam in A Wonderful Life,  back in December 2006. The staff and crew here are always so friendly and they’re great at what they do. We opened the world premiere of Ever After, by Marcy Heisler and Zina Goodrich on May 31st and now it’s just three days until we close! It’s been fun and somewhat exhausting playing Flanek, The Gypsy King. It’s also been pure joy to be sharing the stage again with the tremendous Christine Ebersole. We did Connecticut Yankee together at Encores!, back in 2001. Christine played Morgan le Fay (and I played Galahad) and in Ever After, the real story of Cinderella, she is the overbearing step mother, Baroness Rodmilla de Ghent.

Fellow Aussie actor Tony Sheldon (Broadway’s Pricilla Queen of the Desert) plays Leonardo da Vinci, our stand-in for the fairy godmother of the Grimm Brother’s tale,  and the crowds just adore him. This production is the culmination of many years (maybe eight years?) of readings and workshops and I am so glad for Marcy and Zina that they have finally gotten this beautiful production up.

Next on the agenda for me is an experimental workshop of a new play by Charles Mee at the Signature Theater this July.